Us In Technology


Us in Technology is on a mission to help diversify the technology industry by training and placing minorities and historically excluded individuals in sales, marketing, coding, engineering, and revenue roles with top tech companies committed to attracting, retaining and developing underrepresented talent.


UIT offers continuous education, workshops, and training to prepare underrepresented talent for new roles and opportunities, equipping them with everything they need to succeed!



FindMine is a venture-backed technology company that has created the industry-leading content creation engine using machine learning. We believe that the biggest differentiator for any brand is their unique expertise and Brand Point of View, and not communicating that at scale is a threat to a brand’s existence. The key to communicating this Brand POV at scale is to produce high-quality content at a high scale, meeting consumers wherever they may interact with the brand. FindMine allows brands to realize this vision by de-bottlenecking the content creation process (which is currently highly manual) wherever it is bottlenecked.

Current Customers

Addidas, Callaway Apparel, Perry Ellis, Reebok, TSC, Penguin & more!



Hark is reimagining Customer Experience. In a world where video has become an integral part of communication, how do we allow for customers to easily send their requests to their favorite brands while delivering the “perfect ticket” to CX teams?

Hark does just that in a sophisticated way that opens up a new channel for customers to engage.


Make the authentication process frictionless and bring video to life as the first step in the CX journey. Your customers will thank you!



Aerial is an AI-powered SaaS platform that captures and categorizes the documents essential to fundraising and scaling your startup.


Aerial brings your documents to life by extracting important information, telling you what you need to do, when to do it, and how to get it done.
  • Raise Money Faster
  • De-Risk Fundraising
  • Scale with Confidence
  • Organize Effortlessly



Cuemby provides a suite of easy-to-use products and services to reduce the complexity of adopting Cloud Native technologies.

Platform as a Service

Cuemby is a technology company that provides solutions built in the cloud to simplify digital transformation.​ They are also Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and an official Kubernetes Training Partner.

Their product Cuemby Cloud Platform (CCP), is a cloud agnostic platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for growing SaaS companies to effortlessly provision, manage, and scale cloud infrastructure without the hassle of investing time and resources into developing any of the underlying organizational competencies such as engineering, automation, performance, or security.



We want to make it easier for people to recycle and compost their waste. In the last decade, emerging technologies have made it possible to recycle many new materials. That’s great—but it’s made recycling a lot more confusing. If you’ve dined out recently, you’ve probably wondered: where should I put my coffee cup? Is the lid recyclable?

The Evo Bin

An interactive system that shows users how to sort their waste.

Digital video captures attention and shows users the exact items in your waste stream.

On-screen messages educate and motivate users every time they throw away their waste in the bins.



Gybe is on a mission to empower millions of frontline and critical industry workers by re-defining how to build, cost, and scale digital work-day tools tailored to these fundamental industries.


Singulairity is redefining access, user and data management through intuitive, highly scalable software. The platform allows users to leverage trends & historical data & provides the necessary visibility to help customers maintain a strong security posture while saving time & money.




Mementum produces attractive, modern and high quality jewellery with a digital twist. Each piece of jewellery comes with embedded functionality to allow users to upload, store and view a selection of their favorite digital memories through the Mementum application.


Raptech is a cloud-based collaborative business process management platform that allows companies to automate product sourcing, ordering, payment and reporting processes and gain better operational insights, allowing them to improve productivity and make more informed business decisions.


Everyday Company

Everyday Company is a platform for knowledge workers that is reimagining the brief by providing a centralized hub that simplifies every aspect of the discovery and brief creation process.


MedDefend’s mission is to empower and educate our members how to advocate for themselves in doctors visits in order to remove communication gaps and trim down the time it takes from initial doctor visit to diagnosis.



Healthy Kinnect

Healthy Kinnect is a result-oriented app that personalizes accountability for health and wellness by focussing on the 4 pillars that are critical to joy and happiness: nutrition, exercise, quality sleep, and mental well-being.


Arrives mission is to untangle the web, automatically finding users the quickest network route from point A to B, minimizing lag and enhancing their overall gaming experience.



Rigulate is dedicated to uncomplicating trucking industry by providing a platform of comprehensive services that help trucking companies stay compliant with government-mandated regulations and maintain a drug-and-alcohol-free workplace.


Inclusive co-founder matching app

Kabila’s vision is to create a world where all founders can find an inclusive co-founder & build the next unicorn.

Eliminating unconscious bias

Interact with other founders to reveal profile information.

Focusing on what you can do

We will display potential founder matches without regard for gender, race, or ethnicity.

Highlighting underrepresented founders

We will regularly spotlight underrepresented founders in our app.

Avid Sports

Avid Sports is on a mission to bring sports medicine practices to every doctor’s office, allowing patients to have access to real time diagnostics and treatment from the doctor they know and are used to working with.


ChatGems assists companies to unearth hidden insights and boost growth with AI-Powered Interviews.

MyPanda App

MyPanda (The Personal Assistant Next Door App), provides a solution to free up time for busy parents and businesses looking to support their employees and encourage them to return to the office, by connecting them with vetted personal assistants who live nearby.

MarketMate AI

MarketMate AI is a full stack GTM Co-Pilot that automates many fundamental tasks, ensuring complete alignment between B2B sales and marketing teams and freeing up hours of time allowing them to amplify creativity and to boost revenue.


Octavio is an AI Co-Pilot and chat-based platform built around enhancing the efficiency and customer service levels for small trade businesses. By automating a lot of the tedious scheduling, logistics, payments, and customer support, Octavio allows business owners to free up time to take on more jobs and generate more revenue.


RevShopp’s Body Shape Intelligence Platform is revolutionizing the online shopping experience by providing Women with customized outfit recommendations based on their body shape, whilst simultaneously assisting retailers to minimize returns, optimize inventory levels and improve their sustainability levels.